I was provided access to a LuminarAI beta, a very early version of upcoming program set to be released this holiday season. I was excited to kick the tires on some of the Templates that they offer and see where the future of photo processing software might be headed. Furthermore, I decided that even though it might be rather informal, I would screencast the first time I start playing with the templates.

Easy to use

This isn’t even the final user interface. However, if you’ve used Luminar 4 or earlier products, you know that their interface is already quite easy to use. And actually, this so far appears to be considerably easier! Also, it appears like many of the other editing functions of LuminarAI are going to be quite similar.


Although I am not talking about their new, upcoming version of AI Sky Replacement, I should note that there were a couple of Templates that placed clouds in the sky. In the video, I take a close-up look at how well it does among the very detailed pine needles.

About the LuminarAI screencast video

I decided I would play around with an unprocessed iPhone 6 photo taken during a day hike around Mt. Pinos near Frazier Park. Why? It’s probably the sort of photo that someone might want to transform in LuminarAI. And I thought it might be more interesting than processing a photo done with a more expensive camera that is already finished.

This screencast video is done as if you were looking over my shoulder as I poked around LuminarAI for the first time. It’s informal, but hopefully fun.

It’s also important to bear in mind that this is an early beta version of LuminarAI. The Templates are not final, and some of the effects have flaws. This also is not the final user interface. I’m not kidding when I say that I am getting a very early first look. But I think that’s part of the fun and excitement!

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