Capture One users got some pretty exciting news this morning, with a sneak peek of its upcoming update. The company hosted a livestream on YouTube and Facebook to give users a preview of what to expect with the update, scheduled to be released in May 2020. It will be available for free for all current Capture One 20 users.

Healing and Cloning tool

The biggest news is the addition of two new dedicated brushes — the Heal Brush and Clone Brush, available in the Layers tool.

With the Heal Brush, Capture One will automatically create a new Heal layer, and find the suitable source point to replace the area you have masked. You can then move around the source point freely in case Capture One doesn’t get it perfect.

You can also hold down Alt / Option to manually determine a preferred source point.

The Clone Brush is similar to the Heal Brush, but lets you make an exact copy of a source point. Hold down Alt / Option and determine the source point and then clone just as you would with the Heal Brush. If you’ve ever used Photoshop’s Clone Stamp tool, Capture One’s Clone Brush will feel very familiar.

Both brushes allow for an unlimited number of healed or cloned areas on a single layer.


A simple but much needed addition, Capture One now has a built in Before button in the top toolbar. There are two options here — Full View and Split View Slider.

The Full View will show the full photo in the viewer in its “before” state. The Split View Slider will add a vertical slider which you can drag back and forth, putting the “before” state on the left side and the “after” state on the right side.

In Full View you won’t be able to perform any adjustments — doing so will take you back to the “after” state of the image. But you can perform edits when using the Split View Slider.

As a note for this, the previous workaround of using Alt + Reset to view the “before” state will no longer work due to this new feature.

Watch a replay

SmugMug collaboration

In addition to the preview of the forthcoming update, Capture One announced a new SmugMug collaboration beginning today, and lasting through June 7, 2020.

Capture One users will receive one year of free photo storage from SmugMug with any purchase of a Capture One license or subscription. To be eligible, customers have to purchase either a perpetual license, prepaid annual subscription or annual monthly subscription of Capture One Pro, Capture One Fujifilm or Capture One (for Sony).

Capture One Pro users will get a free SmugMug Portfolio plan, while Fujifilm and Sony licensees will receive a SmugMug Power plan. This offer is only available to new Capture One users and new SmugMug accounts.

You can get a free 30-day trial of Capture One Pro 20 by clicking here.