If you’re looking for new ways to add a unique view to your photographs, try adding a texture overlay. Textures can bring a different look no matter what genre of photography you’re working with.

Matt Suess has come up with a Photo Texture 100 Variety Kit, coming with four different texture packs with 25 textures in each:

  • Stone: 25 texture images of stone
  • Rust & Patina: 25 rust and patina images from the southwest; perfect for adding some grunge to your images
  • Subtle Essentials: 25 various textures including cork, denim, leather, fiber and more
  • Wood: 25 various wood textures

By using tools like Photoshop, ON1, Luminar, Topaz Labs, Capture One and others, you can layer these textures for a unique look. They work with any program that supports Layers and Layer Blending.

Blend Modes take things a step further, letting you experiment with different effects for the textures. You can desaturate, adjust the tonal range and structure, lessen the opacity and more!

The best part? You get to choose the price! Click here to get started and see how you can incorporate textures into your next photo masterpiece.