Photography is a two-dimensional art, yet as photographers we are often-times trying to add depth and texture to our images. Texture is something you can integrate into a photo as you are shooting, or later in pos-processing. Lately I have been trying to photograph as many textures as possible, not with any specific use in mind, but to collect them so I can create different looks in my photography down the road.

How can you use textures? If you do portrait or wedding photography adding a texture during the editing process can give a different feel, or enhance the given mood of your images. (Here is a tutorial on how to add texture in post-processing using Photoshop.) It can also add contrast to your subject if you find an interesting textured backdrop, like if you have a baby or small child sitting in front of a wall with crackling paint.

Your textures don’t have to be anything unique or fancy, either. I found the cracked concrete above while walking into a book-store the other day and photographed it quickly with my iPhone, but I’ll probably go back with my SLR and capture a few full-res shots of it to add to my collection. Just keep your eyes open everywhere you go and you will find endless creative possibilities.