This morning, Adobe announced the latest version of Lightroom Classic, bringing native support for Apple M1 Macs as well as a handful of other updates.

Performance boost

When compared to Intel systems, M1 Macs are about twice as fast when using Lightroom Classic, including launch, import, export and walking through photos in loupe view. Some features — like batch editing — are over four times as fast.

Those interested in seeing more details, click here to view a document by The Pfeiffer Report that outlines several of the speed increases in Lightroom Classic and other Creative Cloud apps.

In addition to Lightroom Classic, Adobe also released native M1 updates for Illustrator and InDesign. Premiere Pro for M1 is currently in public beta.

Additional updates

Premium presets (Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Adobe Capture Raw)

Available across the entire Lightroom ecosystem are new premium presets, which are high-quality edit presets created by a group of well-known contemporary photographers.

The initial set of presets includes presets from seven different categories: Portraits (Deep Skin, Medium Skin, Light Skin), Cinematic, Futuristic, Vintage and Travel.

Edit collaboration (Lightroom)

In addition to existing sharing tools available in Lightroom, the latest release lets you invite other people to edit the photos in an album. Edits are automatically saved as Versions, labeled with the editor’s name.

Super Resolution (Lightroom, Lightroom Classic)

Following the release of Super Resolution in Adobe Camera Raw this past March, the feature is now available in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic for computers. Super Resolution uses artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of your photo up to four times.

Tethered Live View for Nikon (Lightroom Classic)

Nikon photographers can now utilize Live View when tethering in Lightroom Classic.

Custom crop aspect ratios (Lightroom)

You can now numerically specify whatever crop aspect ratio you wish, with Lightroom for Mac and Windows.