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apple silicon

Adobe releases beta for Apple Silicon support on Premiere Pro, Rush and Audition
DxO brings Apple Silicon support to PhotoLab, improvements to HSL tool
Adobe brings Apple Silicon support to Lightroom

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7 Secrets To Get SHARP Photos For The Rest Of Your LIFE! - youtube

Seven secrets for nailing sharp focus each time

Ever taken some photos that appear sharp on your camera’s LCD screen, but see some blurring once you look at them on your computer screen or monitor? Or, maybe you’ve noticed that you’re getting more out of focus shots. Whichever

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Why I LOVE telephoto lenses

I fell in love with long focal lengths from the moment I’ve started using them. Here’s why I LOVE telephoto lenses! What’s a telephoto lens? A telephoto is a lens with a 60mm focal length or more — up to

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Creating posts and banners that stop the scroll

Creating posts and banners that stop the scroll has never been easier with Adobe Spark. I have recently found myself using Spark for more and more, from videos for advertising to Facebook and Eventbrite Banners and adverts. It’s simple to

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Working with Kids as Subjects - vimeo

Tips on how to work with kids as subjects

If you are a portrait photographer, you have probably taken pictures of all types of people of all ages. Sometimes a challenging age group to take photos of is kids. How do you help them be comfortable on camera? In

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The creepiest place I have ever photographed at night

People ask night photographers all sorts of questions. One of the most common is: What’s the scariest, creepiest place you have ever photographed? The last stop for almost 1000 souls The imposing Gothic stone structure, Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia,

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How Dust Affects Photography - youtube

Four ways dust can end up in your photos

One of the most annoying and tedious parts of any photographer’s workflow is removing dust, lint, smudges and fingerprints in post-processing. Imagine having to do that for a product photography project for, say, a hundred items with at least five

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One for the team-1

Portrait Tips: How to get kicked in the face

There I was, making pictures for the athletics department to use in their marketing materials when suddenly, a soccer ball soared straight into my lens and smashed my camera into my face. See, the plan was to make action pictures.

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New to film photography? A few potential disappointments + fixes - youtube

Film photography disappointments and how to fix them

If you’re new to film photography, you’re guaranteed to run into some disappointments that may discourage you from shooting more of it. Maybe you’ve seen another film photographer’s work that has led you to have some expectations, but your results

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AB-Hybycozo-021921-107 1

Does Topaz Sharpen AI live up to the hype?

For years now, I’ve seen Topaz ads while scrolling social media. At conferences, I’d see the software demoed, and it would always get large crowds. But I wanted to take a run at it myself. Was the sharpening technology that Topaz

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