This morning, Adobe announced the latest updates to Photoshop, as a part of its annual Adobe MAX Conference — which is being held virtually this year. There are lots of new features in the updated Photoshop, including Sky Replacement and new Sensei-powered Neural Filters.

See the updates for: Photoshop on Desktop | Photoshop on iPad

Photoshop on Desktop

Neural Filters

A new workspace inside Photoshop, Neural Filters lets you utilize non-destructive filters to help explore creative ideas. The first set of Neural Filters in this update are Skin Smoothing and Style Transfer, but more are coming (and some are in the app as a beta).

One of the filters in beta is Smart Portrait, which will let you transform certain facial features. Utilizing artificial intelligence, you can change things like the direction of the eyes or head, or light direction to change the angle of the light source. This also lets you change things like hair thickness and the intensity of a smile, while also letting you add surprise or anger. You can even make your subject look older or younger.

Another filter is Colorize, which lets you take a black and white image and turn it into color. This works great on older images, adding content-aware color in one click.

Other beta filters include Super Zoom, Depth-Aware Haze, JPEG Artifacts Removal and Style Transfer.

Neural Filters can be applied as a smart filter, directly to a layer or generated as a new layer.

Sky Replacement

Photoshop now automatically can tell the difference between a foreground and a sky, letting you edit your sky. Just go to Select > Sky and edit it with Photoshop’s existing tools. Or if you want to completely swap the sky, you can go to Select > Sky Replacement, and choose from Adobe’s database of skies or use your own.

Skies automatically are fit into the scene, while your entire image can also be relit based on the sky chosen.

Photoshop will ship with about 25 sky presets, including some taken by Adobe’s Russell Brown and Julieanne Kost.

Intelligent Refine Edge

Two new Sensei features have ben added to the Select and Mask workspace — Refine Hair and Object Aware Refine Mode.

Refine Hair is in the Options bar across the top of the Select and Mask workspace, and automatically refines the selection of the person’s hair in your image.

Object Aware Refine Mode, on the other hand, lets you make precise hair selections, even when the foreground and background are similar in color or hard to differentiate.

New Discover panel with better Search, Help and contextual actions

The new Discover panel takes advantage of artificial intelligence by providing step-by-step tutorials, in-app learn content and a new powerful search functionality.

Recommendations are provided that include tips and tutorials on how to get multi-step workflows done faster, and top workflows have been packaged into automated one-click Quick Actions. You can now remove and blur backgrounds, make a black and white background or enhance an image in a single click.

You can also use the dialog to find quick links out to Adobe Stock images, the support community, Adobe Fonts and more.

Reset Smart Objects

An enhancement to the Properties panel lets you completely reset a Smart Object to its original state. Any rotations, transforms or warps are detected, and a Reset button will restore it.

Pattern Preview

Pattern Preview is a document view mode that lets you envision how your document will appear as a pattern. Photoshop virtually tile and repeats your document, letting you move and adjust layers.

Live Shapes

A new tool has been added within shapes to create triangles. But that’s not all — on-canvas controls have been added to make resizing and adjusting shapes easier than ever before. New controls have also been added to the Properties panel, and improvements to the Line and Polygonal tool have also been made.

Faster, easier to use plugins

The Creative Cloud desktop app now features a new plugins marketplace, where you’ll see curated collections in addition to all the plugins and integrations Adobe offers. In Photoshop, there’s also a new plugin launchpad, making it easier to find and launch your favorite plugins.

Adobe is also introducing UXP, a new modern extensibility platform, to build plugins for Photoshop.

Cloud Document version history

Versions are automatically created as you work on a cloud document, allowing you to look back or revert back to prior states. You can view, revert, open, save and name past versions of a cloud document through version. history.

Cloud documents are also now available offline, and the sync experience has been improved so you can view sync status and the amount of data you’re using for a sync. This will ship for iPad in a later release.

Finally, you can also place embedded Photoshop cloud documents (PSDC) in Illustrator cloud documents (AIC).

Preset search

A new search option has been added to th preset panel, letting you search through brushes, swatches, gradients and more.

Photoshop on iPad

Edit image size

You can now change the dimensions, resolution and sampling of your PSD file to fit the output you need. A new Document Properties panel has been added in the top left with gear icon, which shows dimensions, color mode and resolution.

Likewise, the desktop version of Photoshop has also added resampling image, and preview of resampled image, to the image size dialog.

Live streaming

Gallery and live streaming options are now available for Photoshop on iPad. Anyone can start a livestream and share it with Adobe Behance customers, which also lets you interact with viewers as they watch. Recordings will be moderated and also seen on Behance, as well as inside the Photoshop on iPad app.

A new Behance Gallery inside the app has also been added, letting you view work from other users, view live streams, browse through projects created on Photoshop on iPad, as well as share your own work on Behance.