This morning, as a part of Adobe MAX, Adobe announced its latest updates to the Lightroom ecosystem. Included are previously-announced masking and selection tools, as well as a new Community Remix tool. Here’s all what to expect when you update.

Precise selection and masking

Available in Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

The Selective Adjustment tools have been entirely re-envisioned, all accessible with one click on the newly named Masking button. With this, you can create complex and accurate selections with multiple masks, including utilizing color and luminance masks.

Select Subject and Select Sky

Available in Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

Utilizing advanced machine learning-based artificial intelligence, you can now create precise selections to identify your photograph’s subject and sky, and apply specific edits to them with one tap. Select Subject & Select Sky are game-changers for time-consuming improvements, especially on smaller screens, lowering the barrier to making complex selections. Using AI supports you by making careful selections to transform your photos and help achieve your artistic vision.

Recommended presets

Available in Lightroom for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Web

Find the perfect preset for your photo, created by some of the most creative photographers in the world: the Lightroom community. Lightroom can suggest a selection of presets that will enhance your photograph’s beauty by scanning your image & matching the subject with the presets that will improve your shot. Discover has hundreds of thousands of incredible presets created and shared by our community and can be an excellent springboard for your editing process.

Additional premium preset packs

Available in Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Web

After the positive response to the launch of seven initial premium preset packs in June, Adobe has announced the expansion of premium presets. These high-quality presets are created by an expanded pool of talented and diverse contemporary photographers to transform your photos. This new set of premium presets includes eight new categories: Black & White, Food, Landscape, Urban Architecture, Lifestyle, Retro, Travel II and Cinematic II.

Community Remix

Available in Lightroom for Mac and Windows

Engage with the Lightroom community in an entirely new way with Community Remix. Share your unique edit with the community, let others try alternative edits and share their artistic vision with the image. Making space for play encourages entirely new perspectives from across the world — whether that be a stark monochrome edit, a dreamy pastel version or an evocative moody style. Explore versions of different landscapes far away from your home, experiment with varying subjects of photography or even other camera lenses.

Crop overlays

Available in Lightroom for Mac and Windows

Smart cropping changes the entire narrative and impact of your shot. With this release, Adobe has included the ability for you to choose new crop overlays for different aspect ratios to improve your photo’s composition. To use the new overlays in Lightroom on your Mac or Windows computer, click the overlay drop-down and experiment with new overlays, including visualizing the Rule of Thirds or Golden Ratio.

Lightroom Academy

Available in Lightroom on the Web

Lightroom Academy is a resource for photographers that offers a fresh approach to learning essential photographic concepts and improving image processing skills regardless of experience or equipment. Topics are broken down into short-form articles featuring — succinct text, images by our worldwide Lightroom community, interactive illustrations, quiz-like challenges and numerous “On Your Own” exercises that all encourage learning by doing. Lightroom Academy is entirely free and available to start exploring today.