I consider myself to be a creative photographer. One that thinks outside of the box when it comes to creating my images.

So when a friend of mine introduced me to the new Savage RGB Portrait Kit, I instantly knew I had to have it. Thankfully B&H sent me a kit to review.

What is it?

The RGB Portrait Kit from Savage includes two bi-color LED RGB lights, two easy-to-open 20-inch softboxes, two six-foot light stands and a padded carrying bag.

You can adjust the color temperature between 3200-5500K and a step-less dimmer allows you to control brightness. This kit has dozens of various special effects settings. It has 360 different color options when you use their Savage Light Manager app on your smartphone. The possibilities are truly endless.

How I used it

The day my kit arrived I had a shoot scheduled. I had been tracking its arrival very step of the way. My inspiration for the shoot was Lindsay Adler. That woman is a mastermind when it comes to all things color.  I wanted to test these lights and see if they would compare to her work with gels.  Let me just say it did not disappoint at all.

The color range was larger than I expected. The saturation of color at all powers was beautiful. It was incredibly easy to use and maneuver around.

For this particular shoot, I placed one light on each side of the model, giving her a split light. I wanted her entire face to be colored light. Every few shots I would change the color of each light. We tried every color humanly possible and loved them all! I even played around with the brightness when shooting with each color and was shocked at how little it blew the color out.

This kit is by far one of my favorite things I own. It has opened a whole new door of possibilities when it comes to color. My next shoot will include using this kit with some studio strobes to try and push myself and these lights even further.

For the latest pricing on the Savage RGB Portrait Kit, visit B&H.