I was digging around the HDRsoft website as well as talking to their team, and I discovered a few extra bonuses for Photomatix Pro users.  These are some great things you should take advantage of.  Some of these work with Photomatix Pro, others need the Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle (a $20 upgrade).

  • Have more than one computer?  Even if their Windows or Mac?  Don’t worry, a single user can install Photomatix and activate on every machine they own.  One user needs one license… no matter how many computers you have. (see here)
  • Haven’t upgraded yet?  If you bought Photomatix 4, version 5 is a free upgrade (that’s a very uncommon, but awesome policy).    If you own an older version, then it’s $29.  (see here)
  • Use Photoshop. If you want to run Photomatix Pro as a Photoshop plug-in, then step up to the Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle and download Tone Mapping Plugin for Photoshop CS/CC.  If you want to work with Photoshop Elements, then just download a free copy of Photomatix Essentials.  A license of Photomatix Pro gives you access for free. (see here)
  • Use Photos for Mac. Want to tone and stylize images with Apple Photos? Check out the new Photomatix OneShot extension which is also free to Photoamtix Pro Plus bundle users. (see here)
  • Want some new looks?  We’ve got a great preset pack for you.(see here)
  • Buy Now, Get a Free Update.  This who aren’t yet Photomatix Pro customers, but buy version 5 will get a free update to the next version. (see here)


These benefits are far from standard in the software industry….  gotta love such a great deal and free stuff.