I’ve used QuickBooks Online as my accounting software for the past few years. It allows me to keep track of all of my expenses, income and invoices. I find it quite user-friendly, and if you want to read more about why I chose QuickBooks, check out this article.

QuickBooks also has a downloadable app for Android and iPhone. Generally, I do most of my admin work at home on my desktop computer. However, I have found three features on the app to be incredibly advantageous in day-to-day life. Now, I frequent the app more on my phone than on my desktop just out of convenience. Below I’ll share three handy features I use routinely on the QuickBooks Accounting app.

1. Invoicing

QuickBooks app

The QuickBooks app makes it really easy to quickly send an invoice while on the go. This comes in handy when you’re working away from home because it allows you to invoice clients right from your phone. I also use this feature to clear invoices as payments come in. I can be on vacation and see a payment come through; within seconds I can log into the app and mark the invoice as paid.

I find it helps me keep organized when I’m away, and therefore have less catching up to do when I get home. It also allows you access to any client information that you may need when you’re not at home (ex. phone numbers, addresses, etc).

2. Mileage Tracking

mileage tracking QuickBooks app
The mileage tracker interface on the QuickBooks App.

Mileage tracking is another feature I use all the time on the QuickBooks app. You can set it up one of two ways: to automatically track every time you drive, or to track only when you activate mileage tracking through the app. I have a terrible memory, so I leave auto-tracking on. This means that every few days I pop the app open and mark each recorder trip as either “personal” or “business.”

If you have a better memory than I do, you can simply activate the mileage tracking before you drive for work purposes only. This comes in very handy come tax time as a small-business owner because I know exactly how many kilometers I’ve driven specifically for work.

3. Snapping receipts with the QuickBooks app

This is my favorite feature of the QuickBooks App. Whenever you get a physical receipt, you can quickly take a photo of it through the app, and it gets uploaded into your accounting software. From there it’s easy to create an expense. I’ve made a routine of this now. Right after I receive a receipt, I’ll quickly snap it into the app, and that way I know I have it stored and accounted for. This has been a game-changer for me in terms of keeping my receipts organized.

If you’re a small-business owner who uses QuickBooks, I highly recommend checking out the QuickBooks Accounting app as well. Integrating the app into your daily workflow is easy, and it really helps you keep organized