ModoPocket 1 - 400
(Photo is copyright Rich Legg – All Rights Reserved)

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re proud to offer another guest post by Salt Lake City-based professional photographer Rich Legg.

When it comes to photography equipment, I’m always on the lookout for innovative and simple solutions to add to my kit. Knowing that I had recently purchased a new point-and-shoot Canon G11 the staff at my local camera shop (Pictureline) suggested that I pick up a Manfrotto ModoPocket to pair with the little camera. The ModoPocket is billed as “the world’s smallest tripod”. While I can’t substantiate if it truly is the world’s smallest (or if it even can be called a tripod since it has four feet), I can attest that it is a great addition to pair with a compact camera.

What makes this Italian made piece of equipment a great add-on is that it is intended to remain on your camera at all times. Much like the saying that “the best camera is the one you have with you”, the same goes for a tripod. I have found that having the ModoPocket attached to my G11, I have used it at times I would never have imagined. In addition to the usual uses for a tripod; group shots, self-portraits, long exposures – it also makes a convenient stand to use when displaying images on the back of the camera.

ModoPocket 2 - 400
(Photo is copyright Rich Legg – All Rights Reserved)

Adding to its ability to compactly fold-up when not in use, the ModoPocket has a unique feature that allows for adjustable tilt. The front and back legs are connected with a small cord that provides a simple yet elegant solution for tilting the camera up and down. It also has a sliding tripod mount that will work with any camera featuring the standard 1/4″ tripod thread even if the mount is off-centered. There is also a female 1/4″ tripod receptacle which permits the camera to be attached to another tripod without removing the ModoPocket.

This little tripod is designed to be used on compact (read: point-and-shoot) cameras, but I couldn’t resist trying it out on my DSLR. While not its recommended use, I was able to successfully support my Canon 5DmarkII with battery grip and 24-105 lens attached. This is not a use that I would want to employ on a regular basis, but it would work in a pinch.

The ModoPocket for less than $20.00.