GoPro has unveiled two updated cameras… the Hero3+ Black and Silver editions. Weve got one on order and should have some test footage up in a few days. Here are the highlights of what’s new (and a few myth busters for marketing hype).

  • Its Smaller. GoPro boasts that the Black is 20% smaller and the Silver is 15% smaller. The press release says Innovative new housing yields a 20% smaller and lighter overall package when camera is installed in housing (waterproof to 40m). Well see. Sounds like the CASE is smaller… not the camera. When I look at mounts on their website (particularly the most difficult underwater wrist mount). Ive yet to see a side-by-side photo outside of the waterproof case (which I think is what makes it smaller).


  • 30% Longer Battery Life. I look forward to testing this claim. Batteries claim to be the same (thank goodness). But they do claim better battery performance. Ranges look to be one and a half to two hours for recording (depending on frame rate and frame size). This drop down to as low as one hour as you add WiFi, remotes, or LCDs (to be expected).
  • Improved Lens. The HERO3+ Black Edition promises a 33% increase in image sharpness t and 2x reduction in imaging artifacts. I look forward to some side-by-side testing this weekend.
  • 4x Faster Built-in Wi-Fi. The cameras improved Wi-Fi looks to support better remote monitoring with the GoPro app. This means faster transfers and potentially better live video monitoring. GoPro promises a 1 second latency as opposed to the previous 4 second lag.
  • Wider Shots. With a new feature called SuperView, you are supposed to be able to capture a wider angle shot. This should be great for sports and action, but does lead to a more distorted image. I don’t see this feature helping most users who care about image quality.
  • Auto Low Light mode. I consider this one to be a bit deceptive. They didn’t seem to actually improve the sensor, rather the camera automatically switched to a half frame rate when lighting gets too low. Useful yes… but you need to know how the camera achieves this trick.
  • 12MP photos up to 30 frames per second. As a burst camera, I love to use the GoPro remotely. Its useful for capturing action as well as remote or hard to get shots.

Our recommendation, spend the extra hundred dollars on the GoPro Black. At $399 its a great deal. The photo performance of the Black also makes it a worthwhile remote camera. Once I put the camera’s head to head (I own the Black and Silver models of previous edition) I’ll make recommendations on the upgrade.