Xpozer offers photo check and photo optimization services to help you make sure your image is suitable and ready for creating the best print possible.

What’s the difference between Photo Check and Photo Optimization?

There are two options for having your image quality checked before you print with Xpozer, free and paid. 

The Photo Check is at no cost to you. You upload your image, let them know what size you want to print and where the image originated from — your phone, digital camera, Facebook, etc. Their Photo Xperts then check the resolution, spots, dust, exposure, noise, sharpness and more. Within one working day, they will respond to you with personal advice on how to improve your photo if need be. When you are happy with your image then you order your Xpozer print.

Photo Optimization takes this a step further for $25. If you’re unsure about editing, what works best for printing the Photo Xperts will help you get the most out of your photo. You upload your image, choose the size you’re considering printing it and they do all the work so that your image looks its best when printed.

The Photo Optimization option includes checking and fixing things like resolution and image quality, color and white balance, exposure, leveling, sharpening and lens correction. It can also assist with spot removal, moire reduction and chromatic aberration reduction.

If you’re new to photography, still learning how to edit or if you’re a hobbyist who doesn’t edit your images at all, Photo Optimization is the way to go. You’ll be able to get a far better quality print than if you just took your file to the nearest photo processing center or uploaded it to one of the printing sites that you typically use. 

They will send you back your optimized image and you’ll be able to ask for one more revision, if necessary. Then you’ll be able to upload your image and order your print. Not a bad deal at all for $25 — that’s less than most photo editors would charge you for an hour of their time. If you want to see the benefits of Photo Optimization, check out Bob Coates’ article.

Testing out Photo Check

When using the Photo Check service, I wanted to put it to the test. 

I have a ton of photos that my mom had on SD cards from her trips over the years. I decided to use one of her shots from the Nikon CoolPix 6100. Why? Well, she never really learned how to change things to create the optimum image for one. Secondly, I don’t have all of the original files, so I wanted to see if I could print from some of the saved JPEGs I have.

I purposely chose an image that had known issues, dust spot, was not level, not exposed properly, and just not an overall great image without spending time cleaning it up. This particular image EXIF data: ISO 80, 5mm, f3.7 and 1/80s. Crazy what a camera will choose when you let it. 

photo check

I sent it off to Xpozer with a note telling them that this is from my mom’s digital point and shoot and that I would like to see if it’s possible to print as-is since I don’t have many of her original files any longer. The file size I sent was 1000 pixels long side, 72 dpi, 185kb. Yes, very small indeed. They ask what size you’d like to print, and I requested 24-by-36 inches.  This is a test after all, so I wanted to push the limits a bit.

Within minutes I received an email back to let me know they received my file:

“We’ve received your photo check request. What’s next?

“One of our Photo Xperts will check your photo on several subjects. You will usually receive a response within 1 working day, along with tailored advice about the perfect size for your print as well as how to optimize your photo for print.”

The reply

The next morning I received this:

First of all, thanks for submitting your photo and trusting us. As promised, I just finished checking your digital photo on several subjects that are important for a perfect Xpozer print!

Unfortunately, your photo is of too low quality to create a print. My advice is to see if you perhaps have another photo you would like to get printed. You can always send this in to be checked as well. 

What’s next? Adjust your photo according to our advice and order your Xpozer. Are there topics you can improve on? In this overview, you can see the categories your photo was checked on:https://xpozer.com/blog/photo-check-guide/.

By clicking on the topics you can find step-by-step guides to editing your photo. After making the required adjustments you can order your Xpozer via this link> https://xpozer.com/us/shop/.

Let us optimize your photo. Would you like us to optimize your photo for the best possible print? We’re ready to go! If you choose the Photo Optimization service, we will improve the points of attention mentioned before, to make your photo perfect for print. We usually charge €25/$25 for this service. But since we have already assessed your photo it will be quicker for us to optimize, so we can do it for €15/$15. (They gave me a code to use.) If you order now, we can get right to it! https://xpozer.com/us/photo-optimization-service/.

Great service all around

I highly recommend this service that Xpozer offers, especially if you’re do not edit your images or spend any time creating ready for print photos. It’s a great way to find out if you can indeed print a photo you might be unsure is printable. They are very quick to respond and offer solutions.

The image I sent to them was a pure test to see what they would do with it. I knew it was low quality and sent them a small file on purpose asking them to enlarge it.