I wanted to take a look behind the curtain at Xpozer, and test out the preflight check they offer for your photos before printing. I put together a challenging file with some subtle problems such as dust spots and small file size to see how their experts would do.

First communication

Within an hour of sending in my file for a checkup I received this email:

“Hello photography lover!

First of all, thanks for submitting your photo and trusting us. As promised, I just finished checking your digital photo on several subjects that are important for a perfect Xpozer print!

Unfortunately your photo is too small to be printed on any of our available sizes. My advice is to see if you perhaps have another photo you would like to get printed. You can always send this in to be checked as well. “

Image from Bosque del Apache NWR
Image from Bosque del Apache NWR. I’ve added arrows to point out some obvious imperfections in the image. There were others as well which were also corrected by Xpozer.

Second communication 

I responded with a larger file. They said it was large enough for the print requested but would need some work with enhancement and dust spots to be removed. I was given the opportunity to fix the file and resend or they would give me a discounted rate to fix imperfections. Here was their email response.

Adjust your photo according our advice and order your Xpozer

Are there topics you can improve on? In this overview you can see the categories your photo was checked on: https://xpozer.com/blog/photo-check-guide. By clicking on the topics you can find step-by-step guides to editing your photo. After making the required adjustments you can order your Xpozer.

Would you like us to optimize your photo for the best possible print? We’re ready to go! If you choose the Photo Optimization service, we will improve the points of attention mentioned before, to make your photo perfect for print. We usually charge €25/$25 for this service. But since we have already assessed your photo it will be quicker for us to optimize, so we can do it for €15/$15. If you order now, we can get right to it!

Optimized file

The retouched file Xpozer sent is below.

Bosque del apache NWR photo
Retouched image from Xpozer. Enhanced and retouched nicely.

The normal rate is $25. Xpozer only charged me only $15. The resulting file was improved and acceptable for print. Dust spots were removed, contrast, color and sharpening were handled well. They do a great job with clear communication, prompt follow-up and a solid product.

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Yours in Creative Photography, Bob