Richard Harrington and Scott Bourne answer viewers photography questions.

Q&A Podcast Questions

1. From Jeremy in Grass Valley Oregon

I am shooting wrestlers and want to portray how tough these athletes really are so I actually want their blemishes and bruises to stand out in my photos. How do I accomplish this?

2. From Brandy in Santa Fe, NM

I am shopping for a flash. I keep seeing them rated based on “guide number.” Can you explain this please?

3. From Coup in San Mateo, CA

I only have one lens right now and am saving up for a telephoto lens. My digital camera has a feature called the “digital zoom” but some people say I shouldn’t use that feature. Can you tell me why?

4. From Phil in Benton, AK

I note that LR and other post-processing programs offer lens distortion corrections that are paired to specific lenses. Are these corrections trustworthy and/or is there a better way to do it?

5. From Derrick in St. Louis, MO

I heard Scott say something about exposing to the right. What does that mean and why would I need to do it?

6. From Xavier in Chicago, IL

I want to photograph sports but am not sure how to go about getting access. Do you have any tips?

7. From Norah in Arlington, TX

How important is it to prioritize competing focal points in my compositions?

8. From Diana in Flushing, NY

I know this is a real beginner’s question but what is LIVE VIEW and why would I use it instead of the regular viewfinder?

9. From Dave in Orlando, FL

My friends say there’s no need to make prints but every one of the serious photographers I’ve heard of say prints are still important. What do you two think?

10. From Amy in Bloomington, IN

Where do you find story ideas and things to photograph? Sometimes I struggle with what to shoot.

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