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In this episode:

Rick Friedman

Photojournalist Rick Friedman talks about:

  • His career that involved photographing every US Presidential campaign since Jimmy Carter
  • How his Photojournalist days influence his portrait sessions.
  • How to nail your exposure.
  • Pitfalls of “Chimping”.
  • Tips to control overshooting
  • How to expose for the element you can’t control.

Total time 21m:55s starting at 2m:00s

Peter Treadway

International Wedding Photographer Peter Treadway talks about:

  • Why he likes focusing only on weddings.
  • How international clients find him.
  • Strategies for coping while away from family.
  • The pitfalls of being a traveling photographer.
  • Tips to becoming a traveling photographer.
  • How he and his good friend and partner parted ways.

Total time 19m:17s starting at 24m:11s