This week’s podcast interviews photographers Stephen Eastwood and Mike Kubeisy. Plus we’ll offer some quick resources for touching up holiday photos as well as news about our next camera contest.

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Stephen Eastwood

Stephen Eastwood is a New York based Fashion and Beauty Photographer. He also is a digital retoucher. His expertise in both shooting and retouching have led him to be named a Canon Explorer of Light and PrintMaster.

Levi Sim and Stephen Eastwood discuss:

  • Who is Stephen Eastwood?
  • Why having hands-on learning lights is important.
  • A speedlight tip
  • Using gels and white balance to create drama and color
  • Old school tricks on gelling and creating white balance.
  • If Stephen were to shoot one thing for the rest of his life, what would it be and why?
  • Why you need to start focussing on shooting what you want to be hired for
  • Learning to be consistent
  • Where can you find Stephen online?

Mike Kubeisy

Mike Kubeisy covers everything from crime scenes to crime scenes to Hollywood celebrities. Since 1984, as a Motion Picture and Television Stills Photographer. He is currently shooting on shows being televised worldwide. He’s taught everywhere from Photoshop World to the Federal Bureau of Investigations Photo Operations Unit. He is an active member of the Cinematographers Guild Local 600 and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. You can view his work at

Vanelli and Mike discuss:

  • What is Mike well known for?
  • What happens when you use hard lights?
  • How stylizing the set helps with dramatic lighting.
  • Learning to enhance the look of the talent.
  • What does it mean to apply texture to the scene.