This weeks Photofocus Podcast for the Photofocus InFocus Interview Series. This show Pamela sits down with Commercial Photographer Clay Cook as he discusses his path to photography and how working non profit has changed both his professional personal life. Then we find Chamira who interviews Ryan Grove from 17hats with inspiration on how creative professionals can find a balance in doing the business side while still having that passion and love for what brought you in the world of creativity in the first place.


Who is Clay Cook and the type of Photographer is he?

What does an editorial photographer do?

How did Clay get into photography?

Prior life before photographer

Funny failure stories when learning photography

How has his design background helped with photography

What keeps that passion and excitement going for photography?

What is Clay’s internship program?

Why start out as an assistant?

Gear talk

Clay’s non profit work

How has doing non profit work affected Clay personally?

How has doing non profit work affected his professional work?

Where can you find Clay Cook online?

Advice on growing as a photographer


Chamira Young/Ryan Grove from

Who is Ryan Grove?

The gap in being a photographer due to the business side

Learning the business side when you are a creative professional and still have fun.

Tips on being successful

What is the greatest need of photographers?

Why the company started?

Protect your heart and mind

Step 1 to getting your business back on track to something you love to do again

your system will determine your success

Where can you find 17 hats?


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