Join Photofocus’ Melissa Niu and concert photographer Alan Hess as they explore the story behind one of Alan’s most memorable photos of Roger Waters.

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About Alan Hess

Alan Hess is a San Diego-based commercial photographer specializing in concert and live-event photography.

From small club shows to big arenas, he has photographed thousands of concerts, three songs at a time. Alans a-list of top performers include: Billy Idol, Black Eyed Peas, Bruce Hornsby, Justin Bieber, The Who, The Dead, Death Cab for Cutie, Derek Trucks Band, The Grateful Dead, Jackie Greene, John Legend, Marilyn Manson, Robin Williams, Slayer, The Smashing Pumpkins, Steel Pulse, Jay Z, Widespread Panic, Willie Nelson and many others.

Currently, Alan is acting as the house photographer for the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego where he not only covers all the events, but also document stage setups, building improvements and trade shots with the building management and the acts that come through the venue.

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