Using a combination of Facebook messaging, emails or text messages to inform a client their images are available for viewing can get complicated. A simple solution is to develop a consistent workflow and stick to it. Here’s an example on how to use Lightroom and LG/Gmail–The Photographer’s Toolbox email addon–to create an email template and stay organized.

Setting Up LG/Gmail

The Photographer’s Toolbox created a great Lightroom email addon called LG/Gmail. The plugin allows you to attach images from Lightroom and send them–along with an email–to your clients. LG/Gmail is easy to setup, just follow the step by step guide in “Attaching an Image to Gmail using Lightroom”.

Create an Email Template

Using Lightroom’s export preset enables you to create an email template to send to a client after a shoot to inform them their images are ready for viewing. You can create as many email presets as you like. You may have an email just for weddings, senior portraits, family portraits or for sporting events.

Creating a Lightroom preset is easy. From the File menu select Export. Select LG/Gmail from the Export to: drop-down menu. Fill out the information in the dialog box and before you click export, save the settings as a preset by clicking add in the preset panel. Follow along with the video for a step by step guide.

Email Template Suggestion

I like to include my social media links along with a personal message. Here is an email example I send to clients after a photoshoot.


<<Insert Name>>


You did awesome today!!!!!


[Personal Message]


I’ve added a link to your photo gallery at the end of this email. You are welcome to share the link with family and friends, download images and post on Social media. Your prints will be ordered this week. Family and friends can order extra prints online from your gallery page.


The best form of flattery is being tagged on Social media. If you don’t mind, I would like to add your image and talk a little about the shoot on Facebook. Please take a moment and rating your experience along with any comments on our Facebook page.

Facebook page–




Link to your Gallery:’S NAME


Thanks again for a great shoot!


321 795-3050