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How to recover exposure, get rid of noise and stylize an image under 90 seconds
Which file format is best for photographers?
Five photography accessories for saving time and money
Is a tethered workflow right for me?
The six features Adobe needs to add to Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop: Which application do I use for various photo editing tasks?
Revisiting locations is a great way to improve as a photographer and expand your portfolio
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Portrait Tips: Coach Carter says, “Reset your preset”
Why I only use prime lenses
Two tips to create and constantly reproduce your signature look

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Is a tethered workflow right for me?

Tethered capture, or the ability to simultaneously photograph, offload and preview capture results via high-definition monitor, is one of the more liberating conveniences a photographer can experience. Having the ability to trigger a camera remotely is an invaluable enough luxury

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Female photographer with camera and prime lenses smiling

Why I only use prime lenses

Why would I choose to only use prime lenses while there are many other great options out there? This sounds like a legitimate question, doesn’t it? Here’s how I became obsessed with primes! The one that started it all While

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Outdoor photography at Oak Creek, part two

This is part two of a series on a ‘Day in the life on Oak Creek’ while photographing nature and wildlife. Check out the first installment here. Gear The second camera I brought on my nature adventure was the since-discontinued

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Single image HDR: The sundae technique

If you’re just like me, you don’t walk around your photoshoots with a tripod and don’t (or can’t) take multiple images to create a bracketed HDR. Well, good news my friends, we don’t have to do it anymore either! Today,

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white backgrounds

Four ways to photograph white backgrounds

Sometimes the simplest things can produce the most results. Sometimes the least expensive things can open up more doors than you ever thought was possible. Sometimes photography feels like magic. White backgrounds are such things. Below, I will be sharing

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How To Read A Photograph - youtube

Visual communication: How to read photographs

As photographers, we all strive to be able to encapsulate our thoughts, ideas and messages in compelling images. But, how many of us actually take the time to learn how to better read photographs? What do we really know about

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