Photo Copyright Scott Bourne 2010 – All Rights Reserved

It is pretty common to have a series of similars that can all benefit from the same Develop settings. Here are two quick ways to apply the same settings to all selected photos at once.

The first is the often overlooked Quick Develop panel in the Library module.

1. Press G to jump to Grid view. Whenever you want to apply something to more than one photo in the Library module make sure you select all the photos in Grid view.

2. Expand the Quick Develop panel.

3. Now you can quickly apply presets, set white balance, crop or tweak any of the settings found in the Develop modules Basic panel. Click the black triangles to expand the settings options even further. Notice the thumbnails update as you apply settings. This is my favorite way to crop a bunch of photos to the same aspect ratio quickly.

4. Press D to jump to Develop to access all the settings possible.

In the Develop module itself you can turn on the hidden Auto Sync function and apply settings to all selected photos at once. Here’s how:

1. If not already in Develop, press D.

2. Select the photos you want to work on.

3. Hold the Ctrl/Command key and the Sync button changes to Auto Sync. Click it once to enable.

4. Start adjusting the active photo and watch the thumbnails in the filmstrip update all the selected photos as you work.

Warning: Don’t forget to turn Auto Sync off when you are done so that you don’t accidentally apply settings to photos you don’t want adjusted. Just click the Auto Sync button once to disable and change it back to Sync.