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Photographer of the Day: Ken Rowland

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ken Rowland Photo: “Snake River View” Such a classic view of Grand Teton National Park. Certainly made famous by Ansel Adams, but also surely by the grandeur

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Newton

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Jeff Newton Photo: “From sunlight into the dark” I love silhouettes of birds in flight, as the photo becomes more about shape than the bird. I also

Photographer of the Day: Barbara Elizabeth

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Barbara Elizabeth Photo: “Purple Lady Slipper” Finding a lady slipper in the forest is always like finding a rare jewel. Such an ornate burst of color sprouting

Photographer of the Day: Kristian Bjornstad

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Kristian Bjornstad Photo: “Winter Wonderland 7” Living in the Northeast, I love this time of year. Bring on the snow! Nothing changes an ordinary scene into a

Photographer of the Day: Don Komarechka

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Don Komarechka Photo: “Snowflake-a-Day No. 25” I’ve been a big fan of Don’s work for some time, and I had the pleasure of meeting him in person

Photographer of the Day: Matt Cuda

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Matt Cuda Photo: “Great Blue Heron” Wow! What a moment! Whenever I see a great blue heron I can’t help thinking that I’m looking at a prehistoric

Photographer of the Day: Allan Jones

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Allan Jones Photo: “Kestrel” A striking portrait of a beautiful bird. I just love the color, vibrancy and the stunning detail captured in this photo. Thanks for

Photographer of the Day: Davide Ibiza

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Davide Ibiza Photo: “oggi è una giornata così” A wonderful scene for making a super long exposure. The stability of the wharf stands out all the more

Photographer of the Day: Melinda G

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Melinda G Photo: “[Insert Hallelujah Chorus here]” A perfect moment frozen in time! I love the symmetry of the wings, the colors, and even the water droplets.

Photographer of the Day: Juan María Coy

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Juan María Coy Photo: “Sky mirror, sunset reflections at Lake Misurina – Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno,Veneto, Italy)” Awesome reflections? Stunning sky? Check and check! The perspective of

Photographer of the Day: Peter Hickson

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Peter Hickson Photo: “Standing firm in the face of Storm Callum” Raw beauty and strength captured in a single frame. Strength of the sea for sure, but

Photographer of the Day: Pamela Aminou

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Pamela Aminou Photo: “Nature at its best” Excellent use of a long exposure to convey the mood of this scene, and the B&W conversion pulls it all

Photographer of the Day: Erik Karole

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Erik Karole Photo: “Fall Feather” “Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ― Jim Bishop Lovely color and a wonderful alternative way

Photographer of the Day: Ken Mickel

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ken Mickel Photo: “Untitled” While this is a photo of a truly beautiful flower, it was the quality of the light that held my eye. The subject

Photographer of the Day: Ken Lee

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ken Lee Photo: “When The Earth Reached Its Arms to the Heavens” What a great example of making the most of a cool opportunity! Be sure to

Photographer of the Day: Scott Thomas

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Scott Thomas Photo: “Marymere Falls” The smooth waterfall splits the photo in two, with the opposing sides well balanced against each other. There’s a lot of great

Photographer of the Day: fiore_lla4ever

Category: Outdoor Photographer: fiore_lla4ever Photo: “Non si può rinchiudere il cielo” Star trails around the north star with an interesting foreground catches me every time. I love the way these

Photographer of the Day: Andrew Slater

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Andrew Slater Photo: “Sand Access” Picture postcard perfect! The light and composition are spot on, and the sole figure walking down the shoreline is well placed to

Photographer of the Day: Jim Denham

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Jim Denham Photo: “SURPRISES FALLING” I love long exposure waterfalls where you can see through the surface of the water as it adds such depth (pun intended)

Photographer of the Day: Cottage Days

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Cottage Days Photo: “bashful & cute black bear cub” Excellent detail and great expression on the cub are what caught my eye on this photo. It may

Photographer of the Day: Amaurie Ramirez

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Amaurie Ramirez Photo: “Hraunfossar Magic” I’m a sucker for photos of Iceland as it has long been on my bucket list, but this one stopped me in

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