Do you ever find yourself in a creative rut? I know I do! It’s not always easy to get out of, so I thought I would share some of the methods I use to find my way back to photographic happiness.

Use a different camera.

If you use an SLR most of the time, try heading out with a point-and-shoot with the intention of getting great photos. You will be limited if you are used to having several different lenses to work with, but that limitation will force you to find new ways to use what you have.

Shoot film!

If you have a neglected film-camera collecting dust somewhere then dig it up and put to use. Having a limited amount of frames to work with on one roll of film really makes you be very decisive on each shot and puts those creative brain cells to good use.

Learn something new.

There are so many great photography books and video tutorials out there, and sometimes learning a new way to photograph or edit an image can spark new ideas in your mind. I try to exercise my brain by watching and reading as much as possible, especially when I feel “stuck”.

Go on a photowalk.

If you find that you are always photographing the same thing, or can’t think of anything to photograph, then try going on a photowalk. You are likely to see new subjects or find new locations that can help you out. If you are out with a group of people you may even find inspiration from just spending time with your fellow photographers.

Look at LOTS of other photos.

Find photos online, in books, magazines, etc., and study them. Look at the light, the angles, try to see the images from the perspective of the photographer, and do this over and over and over. I really enjoy looking at the “Explore” page on Flickr – there are so many unique photos from around the world that are featured there, plus they change every day so you never know what you are going to find.