Photographer: KBT Images – _DSC8448

It’s Monday again which means it’s time for another Portrait Photographer of the Day!! This week’s choice is a little more of a classic portrait, which is what I’m used to at my DC headshot studio. Kevin’s whole photostream is filled with fashionable portraits, and I’m thrilled I came across this one in the Photofocus Flickr Community pool!

The model in this image is beautiful, but what catches my eye the most is the soft quality of light he used. Also, being a professional retoucher myself, I love seeing portraits that use realistic retouching and are not overly smooth. Kevin did a great job with the photographing and post production both! Kevin uses a Nikon D600 with a 28-300 mm lens. His aperture was set at 11 and shutter speed 1/125. Beautiful portrait, Kevin! Thanks for sharing!