Photographer of the Day – Sohail Kermani

Photographer – Sohail Karmani – Street portait of young girl Happy Monday, everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season, and hopefully taking lots of portraits to share

Photographer of the Day – Sven Conquest

Photographer: Sven Conquest – Prag, Juli 81 Is it Monday already? Thanks for starting your week off by checking out our featured Portrait Photographer! Today we are sharing Sven Conquest,

Photographer of the Day – Stephanie Stafford

Hello Photofocus community, Kristina Sherk from Shark Pixel here. Happy Monday!! I’m thrilled to be able to share with you another Portrait Photographer of the Week! This week, we are

Photographer of the Day – Nicolas Winspeare

It’s me again, Kristina Sherk from Shark Pixel, with today’s Portrait Photographer of the Week! Thanks for checking in to see who we’ve selected, and thanks for continuing to contribute

Photographer of the Day – Igor Kovalenko

Photographer: Igor Kovalenko – Jay Happy Monday guys! It’s Kristi Sherk here, Washington DC headshot photographer and Shark Pixel retoucher, with your Portrait Photographer of the Day! I was blown

Photographer of the Day – KBT Images

Photographer: KBT Images – _DSC8448 It’s Monday again which means it’s time for another Portrait Photographer of the Day!! This week’s choice is a little more of a classic portrait,

Photographer of the Day – Xavier Guillaume

Photographer: Xavier Guillaume – Duality Hey everyone!! It’s time for another Photographer of the Day! As you may know by now, I am the retoucher behind Shark Pixel as well

Photographer of the Day – Paul

Photographer: Paul – Raphael Hey everyone!! It’s me, Kristina Sherk, back with today’s Photographer of the Day! Today I want to highlight a man named Paul. I came across a

Photographer of the Day – Dirk Marwede

Photographer: Dirk Marwede – Untitled Hey guys! I have to say I am having so much fun with this Photographer of the Day project! I love having the chance to

Photographer of the Day – Regina Pagles

Photographer: Regina Pagles – Captain Spaghetti Head Hi everyone! Kristina Sherk here – I am excited to present today’s portrait photographer of the day, the very talented Regina Pagles! This

Photographer of the Day – Jordi Corbilla

Photographer: Jordi Corbilla – Professional Portrait (explore) Hello Photofocus community, Kristina Sherk here. Happy Monday!! That means it’s time for my favorite part of the week, Photographer of the Day!

Photographer of the Day – Steve Lavelle

Category: Portraits Photographer: Steve Lavelle – Vietnamese Lady Since I’m a new contributor here at PhotoFocus, I’ve been perusing the Photofocus Flickr community in order to highlight some of the group’s

Photographer of the Day – Jeremy VanderMeer

Category: Portraits Photographer: Jeremy VanderMeer – Sad Man Calling this portrait ‘striking’ is putting it lightly! This portrait just stopped me in my tracks! While Jeremy VanderMeer seems to predominantly

Photographer of the Day – George Prapas

Category: Portraits Photographer: George Prapas – GP_MG_8774 Hey guys! My name is Kristina Sherk and I’m a professional retoucher and portrait photographer from Washington DC. At our DC headshot studio, we