The excitement of sports is something that portrait photographers need to carefully think of how to capture. After all, athletes are oftentimes think differently than traditional models, in that they want to show intensity and action. But how do you accomplish this?

Well, Viewbug is here to help. With a free month exclusive to Photofocus readers, you can check out such classes as “Sports Portraits: Shooting Portraits,” by Photofocus author Vanelli. In this class, Vanelli shows how to light, shoot, and edit sports portraits with an edgy look. You’ll learn to use a portable studio setup that produces dramatic harsh lighting that can go right to the practice field. You’ll also learn to stylize a shoot, integrating props like gear and team uniforms.

He also shares tips for eliciting emotion from the athlete, and case studies from his experiences shooting cross-country runners and lacrosse players. The course wraps up with some post-processing techniques for portraits and action shots, as well as a trick for compositing images of individual players into a team shot with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop.

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