Around this time of year, we always see so many articles about how to photograph fireworks. What if you don’t like fireworks or they’re rained out, or possibly canceled? What else can you do to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday photographically?

Flowers always work

Next grocery store run, pick up a bouquet of flowers. Generally, you’ll find around the few weeks before the 4th that they’ll have all sorts of colored flowers and added little decorations to bouquets.


Photograph your food

You know your aunt always makes that flag cake with strawberry stripes and blueberry stars, right?

Flags are flying everywhere

The Old Glory standby. Seek out one of those massive flags nearby. Look for ‘fields’ of flags in local parks. Pick up your own flag to hang out, or decorative flags you can use to create your own photo setup with.

People are fair game

You’ll likely still have some sort of get-together, a picnic or a local small gathering to celebrate the Fourth of July. Maybe you’re having a cookout. Photograph your friends and family enjoying the holiday.


Photograph parades before the fireworks

While they may be a bit different this year as organizers are getting creative with their events so should you with your photography. Take family photos in and from your cars. Photograph the decorations you see along the route in people’s yards and on their cars.

Think completely outside the box

How many red, white and blue things can you find to photograph? Buildings, kid’s toys, lights … make a challenge out of it.

There are always opportunities to create images if we are aware of what is around us, push ourselves to think about what else we can see and find to photograph.