We hope you and your family are enjoying the Fourth of July weekend so far! Whether you’re celebrating up at your cottage, on the lake or staying home, we have some great tutorials to help you make the most of your holiday weekend.

Fireworks, sparklers and more!

Creating One-of-a-Kind Fireworks with Olympus Live Composite - Editor’s Note: We welcome Jamie MacDonald, an Olympus Visionary and Vanguard Pro living in Michigan. With a focus on nature and wildlife, Jamie says his
Kids with sparklers is a great way to test exposure before the big fireworks display Fast & Easy Tips for Photographing Fireworks this Fourth of July - The fourth of July is my favorite holiday because of fireworks! I grew up in Lousiville, Kentucky and they have this event called Thunder Over
Get fired up for fireworks - Fireworks come but once a tear for many of us. It calls for specialized settings in order to get the most out of our 30-40
Seven tips to photograph fireworks and architecture - With summer comes national holidays (July 1 in Canada, July 4 in the US and July 14 in France) and fireworks. Chances are, many of
Four creative techniques for photographing fireworks - Fireworks photography is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. The traditional approach for shooting fireworks is to set your camera on a
Portrait Tips: Sparkler portraits - Photographing fireworks is one of the most fun things you can do on the Fourth of July — but it’s also a great way to
No fireworks to photograph this Fourth of July? - Around this time of year, we always see so many articles about how to photograph fireworks. What if you don’t like fireworks or they’re rained

Take your photos to the next level

Finish Fireworks Photos in Lightroom! It’s Easy - Welcome to the morning after the night before when you shot all of those photographs of fireworks. If you are like me, you have at
Create Your Own Fireworks Grand Finale - Last weekend I spent time in Chicago for the Out of Chicago Conference. On my last night there, fellow author Levi Sim and myself hosted
You photographed fireworks – now what? - We all love to get out to try and capture the spectacle of fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday. Sometimes we do better than

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