It’s our country’s birthday and we are celebrating right along will all of our fellow Americans and visitors too!

As we honor the founding of the United States, the Photofocus team is taking the rest of the day off to be with our friends and families.

If you plan on making photos of this evening’s fireworks, below is a list of recent articles from several of our writers to help you make the most of tonight’s festivities.

Firework Photography Articles

Creating Dynamic Portraits with Sparklers by Levi Sim

Fast & Easy Tips for Photographing Fireworks this Fourth of July by Erin Holmstead

When Sparks Fly: Fireworks Photos Re-Imagined by Steve Inglima

Quick Tip: Use a Black Card While Photographing Fireworks by Kevin Ames

Creating One-of-a-Kind Fireworks with Olympus Live Composite by Jamie MacDonald