It’s time to master RAW. It’s both the now and the future. This is such high quality, and for photography, it is the standard. I realize that there are a few shooters that need to shoot JPEG, but change your workflow. 

Photography now

I used to think that I had to shoot JPEG for time-lapse. Then I spent some time working with Vincent Laforet, who’s one of the most respected photographers and a man that I’m continually impressed by. 

The quality of his creativity amazes me. He challenged me, I was helping him learn about After Effects, and he pushed me to really understand raw and how it needed to be a part of my time-lapse workflow. It was completely changed my entire workflow for the better. Raw gives you tremendous flexibility.

Video soon

Now with video, RAW is an option. I do shoot it occasionally on things like my Blackmagic Design Pocket camera or on Canon cameras. Still, it does consume a lot of data, and it can be challenging to work with.

Changes everything

Start to dabble in raw as it changes everything. You have so much more data to work with such tremendous flexibility. It just unlocks the full image quality. 

Here’s a free eBook on RAW workflows.

Can’t wait for the rest?

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