Welcome back to the Tamron Recipes podcast, brought to you by Tamron USA and SkipCohenUniversity.com.

Skip Cohen and I bring on photographic artists as our creative chefs and discuss their great photographs. During the pandemic, I’m sure many of us have become attached to our favorite cooking shows, and this podcast is no different! We bring on fellow photographers as our featured chefs and talk about the recipes they use to create their visually delicious dishes. We enjoy bringing you the greatest imaging cuisines and recipes in the industry so that we can all stay inspired together!

In this episode of Tamron Recipes, Mickie DeVries is this episode’s featured Tamron Chef. What we love about Mickie is that it’s her role as a mom that inspires her most, and that passion definitely shines through in her body of work. During our lively discussion in this episode, she shares a lot about the priority she’s put on being the storyteller of her own children. Given how quickly everything changes in any family and how fast children grow, effectively documenting the journey of family is an important task — and a fun one!

Mickie also discusses why the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens is one of her favorites lenses to use. Her quest is to never stop raising the bar on her skills, so get ready for a serious dose of creativity.

Check out more of Mickie’s work here to check out her inspiring portfolio.

Listen Here: Tamron Recipes with Mick DeVries