I week ago I wrote about ordering my first Xpozer print. It arrived today and in less than half an hour, I had the 30-by-45 inch print hanging above my sofa.

The Xpozer print and frame came in a triangular box with info-graphics showing how to open it. The print was rolled loosely on top with the frame pieces underneath. The two were separated by a strong cardboard divider. Both print and frame were wrapped in protective foam. I set the print aside to assemble the frame.

Great design

The frame is a no-tools-at-all assembly. This unit is really well-engineered. It is spring-loaded to tension the print to hold it flat. It has expansion rails for the frame parts to slide on while attaching the print. Yup. I said “attaching.” Not mounting. This is so slick!

Xpozer frames have built-in spring tensioners.
Xpozer frames have a built-in spring tensioner at the bottom. The final tensioning is done by pressing the tab through the top of the frame with your thumbs as shown in the graphic.

Attaching the print

I laid the print face down on the counter of the kitchen island. No worries because it is covered with a clear plastic sheet to prevent scratching while it’s being put on the frame.

Next, I laid the frame on top of the print. The attaching parts are transparent plastic triangles on each end of the frame’s two crossbars. I slipped the bottom edges of the print’s plastic mounting points to these wedges. Then I extended the frame from the center rails and slipped the top wedges into the print’s mounts. The mounts on the print are installed at the lab when it’s made.

Finally, at the top of the frame is the push through that locks the frame and the print together. I pushed it with my thumb until the catches engaged. Done!

Universal mount

The frame kit comes with a plastic mount that hangs the frame in either landscape or portrait orientations. Pick the location for the print. Drill a hole for the sheetrock anchor then screw the mount to the wall. Hang the print. The mount either clips to the top of the frame for a portrait or to the center for landscape photographs. Changing orientation means relocating the mount. This is the only downside to the system. And I can’t figure out how they could design around that.

I love my new Xpozer print. You’ll love yours as well. (Tip: Order a different image in the same size as your print. Switch it for the one in the frame for a whole new look for your room!)