The Platypod Ultra is a thing of beauty. It is engineered to give you options, and options are the best friends of any photographer or videographer. I took the Ultra Essentials Kit out for a backyard test drive with my smartphone.

First, let’s look at what’s in the kit.

The Platypod Ultra box includes the Platypod Ultra itself, a velcro wallet that holds four heavy-duty spike feet, a 20” cinch strap and a carabiner to hold these items to your belt or bag.

The red drawstring pouch contains an anti-slip silicone pad, 36″ tension strap, 3-inch 3/8-1/4″ female adapter, and a 3/8-1/4″ female to male riser. The final kit components are the Benro IN00 ball head and the Square Jellyfish metal spring tripod mount to hold your smartphone.

Platypod can go anywhere

The Platypod plate has many labeled holes and grooves because there are many ways you can use it. You can screw the four spike feet through the plate top and into a tree trunk, grip a rocky surface or dig into the ground. Or, you can mount them from underneath to raise the platform and have the rubber tops of the screws offer grip on the mounting surface.

The plate also has a hole to attach to a tripod screwplate and three holes to drill in your own screws.

The strap can secure the plate to a tree trunk, pole or fence. Because the Platypod is so small, lightweight, and durable, you can mount it at any angle with the given accessories. It’s strong enough to hold action cameras and compact DSLRs, so holding smartphones is a breeze (and the Platypod Max is available for larger weight capacity). The compact size and versatility make it great for traveling.

Multi-Platypod setup for lighting

The combination of the Benro head and Jellyfish mount makes my smartphone very secure and all shooting angles obtainable. At three ounces in weight, it won’t be a drag to pack more Platypod Ultras in case you need some fill or ambient lighting to make a shot perfect or want to take pictures in low light situations.

Platypods are perfect for holding small lights such as Lume Cubes or the LitraTorch. You can mount directly to the Platypod for fixed lighting or add in a small ball head for maneuverability.

Left: The Platypod Ultra with Benro ball head and Jellyfish smartphone mount. Right: A Platypod with ball head and Lume Cube.

Easy, stable shots from unique angles

I find the Platypod offers quick setup and great stability to capture unique angles or timelapse in mobile photography and videography. Even if you shoot with a gimbal, the versatility of Platypods make them ideal for mounting accessories almost anywhere. Platypod Ultra can help you get more out of your smartphone shoots.

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