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The comprehensive guide to iPhone 13 for photo and video: Capture and image quality
The comprehensive guide to iPhone 13 for photo and video: Lenses
Why don’t cameras use smartphone technology?
Six portrait photography tips for beginners
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Mobile Mondays: Cascable makes viewing photos and remote control easy … and it’s free!
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How to take great pictures with your phone: Seven simple tips
Mobile Mondays: Copy your photos from your camera to your phone, without using a computer

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Tips to help you take pictures in the snow

Preserving the memories of winter can be a bit tricky. Freezing temperatures and the blinding sun reflecting off the snow don’t help. Whether you have an expensive DSLR with all the bells and whistles or a simple smartphone camera, pictures

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iphone 12 pro max

Why I went with the iPhone 12 Pro Max

In this article and in the video down below, I’m going to share why I went with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I’ll be coming at this from the standpoint of a photographer, a video creator and a father of

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