Inspiracles — take your most creative photos ever

Master the art of photography with more inspiration — not more expensive gear.

Do you love photography? Then you probably want to learn how to capture those special moments more creatively. To do this well, you’ll need to absorb new skills, not just purchase new equipment. 

Maybe you already have great gear and sufficient megapixels, and you are feeling ready for your next photography adventure. But like many photographers you sometimes find yourself lacking ideas when it’s time to go out and shoot. If that sounds like you, then the Inspiracles team invites you to join them on a creative journey! 

Imagine learning photography just like a kid — playfully and without a struggle! Learning theory is boring, and the brand-new “Inspiracles” card decks are here to help you avoid it! The company’s motto is “learning by doing.” Let Inspiracles help you learn photography much faster than sitting around reading popular books on the subject.


This ready-to-launch product is called Inspiracles Photography Inspiration Cards! Inspiracles are colorful card decks full of creative ideas and exercises to help you learn photography. The cards contain bite-size photo tasks that are easy to understand without needing a lengthy explanation. 

To put it simply — Inspiracles are user-friendly starter kits you can always have on hand. And most importantly, they do not require any special photographic equipment and will work great with just your smartphone!

How does it work?

Inspiracles treat photography theory as an add-on, not a necessity to enjoying the product. They wanted to provide helpful tips and background to make it easy to learn more about photography, but they didn’t want to confuse you by adding more than necessary. 

To create a happy medium, you’ll receive 10 cheat sheets with the best basic photo techniques to get you started. Use what you want and feel free to forget about the rest. This way, you’ll have compact knowledge available when you need it and the freedom to explore the art when you don’t!


The cards are extra-large in size (twice the size of typical playing cards). Each card consists of three sections:

  1. An inspirational prompt to trigger your imagination
  2. Pro tips for photographic implementation
  3. Examples to use for extra inspiration

Each deck comes with 56 cards in durable, high-quality packaging.

When is the best time to use these cards? 

Use the cards whenever and however you’d like! The photo tasks work anytime and anywhere; you don’t need any special spots or occasions. 

For example, imagine you want to capture a few cool shots on the way to work, but you’re lacking in the inspiration department — pull out one of the Inspiracles cards to get the juices flowing! Whether you’re on vacation, hanging out at home or wanting to inject something new to game night with friends, the cards are there to give you that little bit of inspiration you need to access your most creative self. 

Or if you enjoy participating in fun challenges to keep you motivated, try making a yearly project out of the deck by completing one of the 52 photo tasks each week. There’s no better feeling than looking back at your work and seeing how much you’ve improved since day one. 


Why should you buy Inspiracles?  

At Inspiracles, they’re all about helping you connect with whatever you need to unlock your creativity. To help you out, they’ve designed three different decks of cards that contain over 150 creative tasks and exercises separated by topic:

The Classic edition provides you with creative ideas that cover the whole spectrum of photography so you’ll learn to see the world around you in pictures, along with many compositional and conceptual techniques.

The Landscape edition will spark your imagination and give you ideas for taking creative landscape shots and other picturesque nature photos. 

The People edition will help you take your portrait photography to the next level and make it much more diverse.

Whichever set you choose, you’ll love the bursts of added creativity. Plus, the satisfying experience of browsing through the cards will stimulate your creative juices — much more so than scrolling on your smartphone.

Inspiracles story — a new step in their journey

Inspiracles has already grown a large community of photographers and fellow creatives. By joining them, you won’t be alone in your creative adventures. They’ve been around for many years in the German-speaking world!

And thanks to their popular hashtags, thousands of online photos taken by German photographers are already available to inspire you.

To date, they’ve printed over 36,000 card decks in German. Now they are aiming to connect with the international photography world.

On May 18, 2021, the Inspiracles campaign will launch on To stay updated with the Inspiracles campaign join the waiting list today.