Lightroom has a million and a half functions, and most of them have keyboard shortcuts. I know it sounds silly to say moving your mouse or pen around the screen to click on things is slow, but keyboard shortcuts make your workflow much faster. I’ve been using Lightroom for eight years, and I continue to learn new shortcuts that make it faster to get my work done. In the ten minutes, I counted over 20 shortcuts I used to import and edit a few pictures. You’ll find a The trouble is, learning all these shortcuts at once is daunting and impossible for most people. (Incidentally, the keyboard shortcut to view keyboard shortcuts for the Module you’re using is Cmd/Ctrl + /)


That’s where EditorsKeys comes in. EditorsKeys manufacture keyboards with overlays telling you what shortcut each key does. It’s a simple idea, but it I like using it. When I’m on the phone or eating lunch I glance at the keys and learn a new shortcut. I just learned that Cmnd+U turns on the auto tone button in the basic tab. Cool.

EditorsKeys also makes keyboards for many other apps, like Photoshop, Premiere, etc. Besides full keyboards, they also make overlays for laptops that sit on your existing keys.

But How Good Is The Keyboard?

I’m not a keyboard aficionado, and I can’t type 80 words per minute like my sister-in-law, but I like this keyboard. I have an Apple keyboard for my new iMac, and I also have a wireless keyboard I bought for $40 at Bestbuy. The Bestbuy keyboard has fairly stiff keys that are tall with a lot of travel with each punch. The Apple keyboard has very soft keys that are very short without a lot of travel. The EditorsKeys board has fairly flat keys slightly thicker than the Apple, but with more travel, which I like. They are very satisfying to use for typing, of which I do a lot.

The keyboard is also a 10-key layout which is nice for typing numbers. I’ve got the backlit model, which makes it much easier to read each key and they claim it reduces eyestrain, as well. They don’t come in wireless models, so it has a cord with plenty of length to reach your computer’s USB input.


EditorsKeys backlit keyboard makes it easy to learn shortcuts for Lightroom and other applications, which makes your work much faster. I highly recommend learning the keyboard shortcuts, and I think EditorsKeys is a good way to do it.

Highly Recommended