Hiding & Showing Lightroom Panels

A few days ago one of my students asked “Where can I find the Keywording Panel?” I answered. “It’s in the Library module’s right Sidebar.” She replied, “No it’s not…”

My Top 20 Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

I recently published an article showing some of my top 20 Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. In this post I would like to complement it by sharing my favorite Lightroom shortcuts! One

My Top 20 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

When it comes to post-processing a photograph, I like to work efficiently. I am definitely a fan-girl of the “work smarter, not harder” belief, and one way to do this

Make More Room in Photoshop

As you work in Photoshop, it can get a bit cluttered. There are some useful keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to see your image. Next time try these useful