Think Tank Photo recently made a tiny change (really a couple tiny changes) to a product that’s so simple, and I’m impressed.

For years I have used the Think Tank Photo memory card wallets, like the Pixel Pocket Rocket. I’ve used wallets that hold Compact Flash cards, Compact Flash and Secure Digital cards, and only Secure Digital cards.

But recently Think Tank Photo announced their new Secure Pixel Pocket Rockets. These wallets are slightly larger than the previous versions for two reasons:

  1. They’re meant to hold any memory card available, including XQD cards
  2. They include zippers for each pocket for safety

I have the pleasure of now owning one of these wallets, thanks to Think Tank Photo, and have now made it my main memory card wallet.

I know what you might be thinking — “it’s just a memory card holder.”

You’re right, but it’s also much more than that:

  • It’s soft and flexible when it needs to be
  • It holds my business cards too
  • The new Secure version includes belt loops if you prefer your cards at your hip
  • With the zippers, I no longer have to worry about my cards falling out when I open the wallet

As a bonus, I discovered that each pocket can hold way more memory cards than what Think Tank Photo says. Of course, that makes the wallet bulkier. But that’s OK because I usually keep it in my camera bag.

But I will surely be using it on my belt next to my Spider Holster, here and there.

So call me impressed — even with such a simple change to a simple product.