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Four photographers sat at a table

Four photographers sat at a table

Before PhotoPlus I talked with Bryan and Michele about creating a video about the diversity of cameras and people in photography. How it doesn’t matter what you use or why.

7 Ways to Save Money on Camera Gear

Seven ways to save money on camera gear

Sure you can wait for a sale on camera gear, but there are better ways. Even those better ways have better ways. I recently read an article on another photography

$10,000 in Photography Grant Open for Submissions

$10,000 in photography grant open for submissions

(Editor’s Note: Scott Wyden Kivowitz is the Chief Community Officer at Imagely.) Although Imagely makes WordPress plugins and themes for photographers, their roots trace back to humanitarian work. It always

Accent AI 2

Taking Accent AI 2.0 out for a spin

I have a client who buys distressed properties around New Jersey. They either fix them up and rent them, or they flip the properties. So I decided to use some


My move to mirrorless

Ever since Sony released their first full-frame mirrorless camera in 2013, I have been wanting to make the switch from DSLR to mirrorless. But I did not want to switch

nikon z6

Nikon Z6 first impressions

Before picking up the Nikon Z6, I had some doubts about the new Z system Nikon created. First and foremost is the elephant so obviously in the room. The single

Business Routines - Financials

Business routines: Financials

The first of every month is something I’ve become accustomed to … My phone alert going off at 10 a.m. saying “Business Finances.” This alert serves as a reminder for

5 Incredibly Useful Photography Accessories

5 incredibly useful photography accessories

As photographers, we often find ourselves faced with endless choices of gadgets and gizmos that could aid in our artwork. Today I want to share a few items that you

5 Steps to Get Out of Auto

5 steps to get out of Auto

When just starting out in photography the typical person will begin their journey with the camera set to Auto. Using this mode tells the camera to choose the ISO, shutter

Ring Light in Photography

3 ways to use a ring light in photography

At first glance, it might appear as though a ring light has only one purpose in photography. But really, you can think outside the circle (pun intended) to use a