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Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Should you switch from a DSLR to mirrorless?
Should photographers use Clubhouse?
What an L-Bracket is and why you need one
Why I went with the iPhone 12 Pro Max
Xpozer makes printing replacing a print easy
What you’ll learn at, and why you should attend Photoshop Virtual Summit II
Can Tourbox up your editing game?
Eight ways to amplify your photography website
Lightweight, stable panoramas with the Oben GH-30C
These USB cables are out of this world
SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 provides durability and comfort
How to create your own smart studio lighting

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Can Tourbox up your editing game?

TourBox (B&H | Amazon) reached out to me, asking for my feedback on their product. I was intrigued by Tourbox’s game console-style design and USB-C connection. That meant a small footprint and a fast interaction with the computer. When I received the

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These USB cables are out of this world

We most likely had the same thought when first looking at this — they’re USB cables, what can be said about them? That’s true, to a point. Area51 Tether Co. is a company making USB Cables and other camera tethering

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Smart Studio Lighting

How to create your own smart studio lighting

While my office is also my studio, just like so many other photographers, I am in a unique situation. My office/studio lights have to be adjusted for various scenarios: Working at my desk Recording a video for my YouTube channel

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A Practical Wacom One Creative Pen Display Review

A practical Wacom One Creative Pen Display review

My first reaction to the Wacom One Creative Pen Display is that it’s compact, but likely more suited for digital artists, like painters and whatnot, rather than photographers. Its textured screen is in high definition, but a small screen could

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High Key 01

Easy high key lighting with two lights

Creating high key light is making sure there is enough light on your background so it is pure white, with no shadows. This can be done using strobes or LEDs or a mixture of both types of light. There are several

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