My favorite cousin Mary Ann took a long photography trip to India. She wasn’t sure how many photos she was going to take. To play it safe, she decided to err on the side of caution and doubled the amount of memory cards she thought she needed. Sounds like a solid plan, but keeping track of so many cards in the field can be challenging especially when they start getting full.

Simple Solution

Getting a good memory card case is the first step. Think Tank, Vidpro SD1, and Pelican all make great holders. But this next step is the most important. After you use a card place it into the memory card case backwards. Backwards?….yes backwards with the back of the card showing. This way you know the card is important and should not be used or formatted.

After you import the images to your computer and you know they are safe, format the card and place the card with the front showing. This will avoid confusion when you’re in the field and quickly reach for a card.