Datacolor is no stranger to color management. In fact, Datacolor has been leading the way in the calibration of photographer’s and videographer’s monitors for many years.

Now, their new SpyderX Create Kit is aiming to make things even easier for modern creators when it comes to managing color. Here, I’ll take a quick look at what comes in the Datacolor SpyderX Create Kit (that you can get this month for just $199.99), and just how the items in the kit can make your images and your workflow better than ever.

Color is everything

We all know that being able to recreate accurate colors is everything in photography and videography. Being able to grade video properly is essential. Having accurate colors represented on your screen is also vital if you plan to print your images. This is where the new Datacolor SpyderX Create Kit comes into play.

The SpyderX Create Kit comes with the excellent SpyderX Pro monitor calibrator. There’s also a ColorReader EZ, a Spyder Tripod, a convenient Spyder Shelf and a Spyder USB-C adapter.

The SpyderX Pro

SpyderX Create Kit

When it comes to monitor calibrations the SpyderX Pro is the way to go. To start with, the hardware is easy to use, which is always a bonus. The software makes it incredibly easy for you to get your display set just right, too.

What’s so impressive with the SpyderX Pro is just how fast it makes the calibration process. In a few minutes, you can have professionally calibrated displays that will enable you to edit your images confidently. Trust us when we say your prints will thank you. Our review of the SpyderX Pro along with the rest of the SpyderX Create Kit will be here shortly. So, be on the lookout for it.

ColorReader EZ

The ColorReader EZ is another fantastic tool that allows you to color match any color no matter where you are. The ColorReader EZ quickly scans the color of any object you place in front of the reader. From here, it will pair with an app on your phone and the app will display RGB, HEX and CIE Lab color data. With this information, you can quickly color match or compliment anything in your images or video.

The app also helps by giving suggestions that surround complementary colors to the scanned colors. If you’re a product photographer, for instance, who’s trying to create a well-balanced scene, the ColorReader EZ will help you match and compliment any color. ColorReader EZ will also match to Savage Universal backdrops, making it perfect for portraits and other studio work.

We’re sure there are thousands of uses for this. We’ll put it to the test along with the rest of the SpyderX Create Kit in our full review.

The Spyder Tripod, Spyder Shelf and Spyder USB-C

The rest of the new Datacolor SpyderX Create Kit consists of tools that will make your life easier. The Spyder Shelf attaches to the rear of your display and provides a handy spot to store the SpyderX Pro, the ColorReader EZ, or any other small items you might have.

The Sypder USB-C adapter will allow you to quickly convert any USB-A device into a USB-C-ready one. This is especially handy with so many computers coming with fewer USB-A ports these days.

The Spyder Tripod will no doubt be a useful tool for photographers and videographers alike. While the tripod might not hold the heaviest cameras, small, compact cameras like these will be just fine. You can take the handy tripod out with you and set it up in a jiffy when you need to get a steady shot.

Don’t miss out on the introductory price!

All in all, the Datacolor SpyderX Create Kit appears to have everything modern photographers and videographers need to get the most out of their images and footage.

The best part is that for a limited time (until July 31, 2021) you can get your own SpyderX Create Kit for just $199.99. The regular price is $279.99. So, if you want to take your images or video to the next level, check it out. Remember our review of Datacolor’s SpyderX Create Kit will be coming soon.