In this article, I’m going to show you how Luminar’s AI Sky Enhancer works with some examples. This amazing tool works with just one slider.

What is AI Sky Enhancer?

The new AI Sky Enhancer is a filter using Luminar’s AI technology that will make your skies look better with one slider. The good news is that it does this, in most cases, without adding artifacts or making the sky look artificial or weird. It does an amazing job at doing this, even when you have things like buildings, bridges and foliage with the sky behind them in your photographs.

Where do I find it?

The AI Sky Enhancer filter is a part of most all the workspaces in Luminar. If it isn’t a part of a workspace you’re using, just click the (Step 1) Add Filters button and type in (Step 2) sky in the Search box and (Step 3) select AI Sky Enhancer. It will be added to the bottom of the filters list. You can then drag it where ever you want in the Filters list.

Let’s look at some examples

Photograph 1

Photograph 2

Photograph 3


The AI Sky Enhancer filter does an amazing job at making the sky look so much better, and with JUST ONE slider! I was really surprised at how well it works. Combine the AI Sky Enhancer with the RAW Develop, Smart Tone and Accent AI filters and you have an amazing toolkit for creating beautiful photographs quickly and easily.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this helpful!

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