Editor’s Note: Perfectly Clear is offering Photofocus readers a special $99 bundle, including Perfectly Clear Complete and SharkPixel presets. A $163 value!

There are times in Perfectly Clear, when I make adjustments to a photograph and want to save them, so I can quickly and easily apply them to other photographs. The way to do that is to save them as a favorite or as a preset. In Perfectly Clear, user favorites are called presets. There are two kinds of presets, those that come with Perfectly Clear (or that you purchase) and the ones you create and save. Here’s how you can create your own presets:

Open your photograph in Perfectly Clear.

Use an existing preset such as Intelligent Auto or Landscapes, as a starting place.

Make changes to the adjustment panels on the right side.

Once you’re happy with your changes and ready to save your user preset, click on the gear icon on the Presets bar and click Add or edit a preset.

In the Preset Name box, type a name for your new preset. In this case, I called mine “Landscapes — Evening Twilight.”

Next, decide what group you want to store your new preset in and select that from the drop-down list or just type in a new name to create one. Now choose what icon you want it to be associated with if any, and a helpful description. Then click the Save button at the bottom.

Once you have created your first preset in the My Presets group, it will display in the Presets panel and at the top of the Perfectly Clear window.

To use your new preset, just open a photograph in Perfectly Clear, select My Presets and click on your new preset. All the adjustments panels on the right side of the screen will be adjusted to the settings from your preset. Now you can begin fine-tuning and adding adjustments as you edit your photograph.

If you are interested in purchasing additional presets, you can do that by clicking on gear icon in the Presets title bar and click the Buy more button.

So there you go. That’s all it takes to create your own presets and customize the ones that come with Perfectly Clear and save them so you can use them again.

I hope you found this article helpful and thanks for reading!