Matching colors for a photoshoot has gotten a lot easier thanks to ColorReader EZ by Datacolor. This pocket-size device lets you scan colors from a flat surface and accurately matches the color.

This helps take the guesswork out of choosing accessories and background papers to match your subject’s outfit or when building a set. Here’s how to use the ColorReader EZ to color coordinate your photoshoot.

Get inspired and capture color for different projects

If you’re looking for color inspiration, scan a few objects you have laying around. As an example, I notice this colorful design on the back of a Hoodman Steel SD / MicroSD card reader I had on my desk.

The colors of the fire and sparks intrigued me. I did a quick scan and matched the color to a Sea Green Savage seamless background. I got inspired and started going around my office capturing a series of different colors, then created my own color palette.

I matched the colors to seamless backgrounds from Savage. When I get ready for a shoot, I can pull inspiration from these colors and order the exact seamless color background paper I need. I can even share these saved color palettes with other photographers or graphic artists for future projects. 

Coordinate color when designing a set 

I like to choose a color theme when designing a photoshoot or a video set. Sometimes looking through too many choices causes me not to make a choice at all. Now, I see a color I like — no matter where it is — and then scan it and look up the paint code.

ColorReader EZ provides the top three paint color matches from the most popular paint brands to the color I measured, plus coordinating colors and color scheme options. This enables me to narrow down my options, helping me make a decision.

Looking up color swatches and background paper

After painting a room, most people leave some paint around for touch-ups but most importantly, to remember what paint they used. I have a bad habit of throwing these paints away after a few months, leaving me to guess what color I used.

Now, I can use the ColorReader EZ to capture the color without having to bring in a paint chip to my local store.

The ColorReader EZ is also great to help you remember which seamless background you purchased when you need to replace it. Simply scan the background with the reader and match the color to a seamless background paper. 

For illustration purposes, I moved the ColorReader EZ away from the background so you can see how it emits light to read the color.

When you’re capturing color, place the ColorReader EZ flat on the surface of the color you’re measuring. Press the button and the measurements will appear in the application on your phone. 

Try out the ColorReader EZ to help you color coordinate your next photoshoot. Once you start using it, you’ll soon see color inspiration everywhere.

Don’t have a ColorReader EZ yet? Check out the SpyderX Create Kit, on sale through July 31, 2021!