An uncalibrated computer monitor makes it difficult to properly edit images. You see nice colors and a properly exposed image, but when you view the image on another monitor or your phone, the colors and exposure don’t look the same. This can get very frustrating, especially if you plan on printing the image.

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Color calibrate your monitor

The solution for this is simple — color calibrate your monitor. Color calibrating your monitor requires software and a hardware device called a colorimeter.

Personally, I use the SpyderX Pro. I simply connect the SpyderX to my computer, place it on my screen, run the software and then sit back as it analyzes each color that flashes on the screen. It makes the appropriate adjustments and in a short time, you have an accurate color calibrated screen.

Installing the SpyderX to accurate color-calibrated your monitor

  1. Install the Datacolor software BEFORE attaching the SpyderX Pro.
  2. Connect the SpyderX Pro.
  3. Follow the setup wizard.

A few settings I’ve noticed that made a big difference for my Microsoft Surface Studio:

  1. I chose the Standard LED after my first attempt with Wide LED. I felt it looked better.
  2. Select a full calibration and change the settings to:
    • Gamma: 2.2
    • White Point: 5800K (great for photographers)
    • Brightness: Adjust recommended — I like 120
    • Room Light: On
  3. I choose to adjust my Brightness back to 120 after I used the suggested values. I have video lights in my office that gave a false reading for brightness.
  4. Click next and sit back while the SpyderX analyzes each color.
  5. When finished, add the month and year you calibrated the monitor to the new color profile name. This will make it easy remembering the last time your screen was calibrated.

In a short time, using Datacolor’s SpyderX Pro, you’re able to accurately color calibrate your screen to ensure consistent colors across multiple screens. 

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