This is a continuation of how I’m able to safely get out and about during COVID-19. Being on location and able to cook and sleep with no other contact works well for me. I use this extra time on site to work on capturing more in-depth images. The image above is from a trip to Lake Powell, AZ.

Outside shelf

Outside work table suspended from the roof racks with line and Velcro straps. Top bin in photo is for clothing and personal kit. Bottom bin has a complete kitchen. Organization is paramount when staying in a small space.

Being able to stand while prepping and cooking meals is great when camping. I saw a video that got me started with the idea, and built a shelf that hangs from the roof rack. Suspended with Velcro straps for easy install, the lines have a friction clip for leveling.


I added a PVC pipe to the roof rack using plastic wire ties. There are bolts with wing nuts and washers for quickly being able to deploy shade. As a photographer, I use some old background stands with lines and tent stakes to support the drop cloth with grommets complete the shade cover.


Ventilation while sleeping is important. So is keeping mosquitoes out. Rain gutter guards work well.

Letting air flow while prohibiting entry of flies and mosquitoes is accomplished with 3-foot pieces of rain gutter guards. These have channels that fit the edge of the window. Gutter guard is available at your favorite home improvement store. While there you might also want to get some silver window covers — these help provide privacy and keep some of the summer heat out.

Additional kit

Little things make a difference when on the road. Ice chest, propane stove, cooking gear, plates and utensils, folding chair, small table, sleeping bag, portable potty with bags that solidify the refuse.

Oh, and don’t forget the battery operated fan for hot nights.

Shooting on location when you are on-site at dawn, sunset and during the star-filled night rocks. You’ll see evidence of that in my other articles. If you have any questions, let me know.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob