The demand for camera bags that are suitable for multi-day outdoor excursions is growing. Partly fueled by the pandemic and the need to socially distance, many photographers have taken to spending more time in the wilderness. Enter the Lowepro PhotoSport Pro.

The Lowepro PhotoSport Pro follows on from and builds upon the Lowepro PhotoSport III. A camera bag that we recently reviewed. The PhotoSport III had day-trippers in mind. However, the 55L and 70L Lowepro PhotoSport Pro camera bags are targeting those who hike and explore over multiple days. The Lowepro PhotoSport Pro keeps all of the great versatility of the PhotoSport III. The PhotoSport Pro has been constructed with the same recycled water-resistant materials as the PhotoSport III, which is impressive.

The Lowepro PhotoSport Pro

Key features:

  • PhotoSport PRO line tops off the third-generation PhotoSport collection designed for adventure photographers who embark on multi-day photographic journeys
  • 85% of all fabrics are recycled, lightweight and water-resistant with included All Weather AW Cover
  • Integrated GearUp camera insert and accessory strap system bring flexible protection for multiple carrying configurations
  • ActivLift system on the back panel provides a comfortable fit and weight distribution for optimal outdoor comfort

The PhotoSport Pro bags can carry essentials such as a sleeping bag, a tent, meal camp, jacket, and trekking poles as well as camera gear. Each variant is available with a choice of two sizes of shoulder straps. The straps have been designed to fit smaller or larger torsos. Each backpack comes with a modular GearUp PRO XL, accessible from both a front and a back access door, and serves as a removable camera compartment. The GearUp also provides added protection from impact and moisture

The 55L Lowepro Photosport Pro (small/medium and medium/large bags) can carry a pro DSLR or pro mirrorless body. There’s also space for a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached and one to two extra lenses. The bag weighs 6.64lbs (3kg). The 70L version of the PhotoSport Pro can also carry a pro DSLR or pro mirrorless body. Again, there’s space for a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached and one to two extra lenses. You’ll also have the benefit of more space for clothing and other items. The bag weighs 6.94lbs (3.2kg)

The 55L Lowepro PhotoSport Pro will have a retail price of $469.99. The 70L version will cost $499.99. Both bags will ship worldwide in October 2021.

Lowepro Runabout

Lowepro Photosport Pro

The Runabout complements the PhotoSport Pro. We know, it’s great to be able to carry all of your camera gear and clothing in one bag. However, when hiking away from camp, you might want to take something a little smaller.

The Lowepro 18L Runabout is a collapsible bag that rolls up and is stored inside the Photosport Pro. The Runabout unrolls and you can place the GearUp camera insert from the PhotoSport Pro inside. This will enable you to leave all but your camera gear at camp. The Runabout will cost $79.99.

If you’d like more information about the PhotoSport Pro or the Runabout, head on over to the official Lowepro website.