Photos are meant to be printed and hung. In this digital age, that means taking our photos out of the virtual world and bringing them into our real world.

This mindset inspired the photos and the photographers in this series of Amazing Photography articles and it can inspire you too. Like any change, it requires a thought-shi”. Going from thousands of digital-only photos to real photos that surround you, in your home and on the wall, is a radical change. But it is more than worth it. Read on to find out how you, too, can use this mindset to do even more with your photos.

You’ve got this

We named this book Amazing Photography because photography affects our lives in amazing ways. When we shoot with intention, shooting photos to hang on the wall, the power of every photo we take is multiplied. Photographing for your own home is the best way to keep your photos and all the good they bring to your life.

By hanging your own photos as large prints on the wall, you personalize your environment in the purest way. Every time you see them, you’ll feel a burst of pride and energy. As Richard de Bruin said, you’ll feel “moments of happiness” seeing your own photos on the wall.

Photography for your home

Printed photos bring much more than a more intense viewing experience. From our own experience and from photographers around the globe, here are a few of the top benefits to intentionally shooting photos to hang in your home.

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  • 4 practical photo guides to help you enjoy your photos to the max
  • 7 DIY quick fixes for unexpected photography situations
  • World’s top 15 under-the-radar spots for stunning photos
  • Would you rather …? A hypothetical photography game for friends
  • The science behind how your photos can affect your happiness and well-being.

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